Web Analytics: Why It Matters for Small Businesses

You planned what you wanted, created the specifications, designed it, and then tested it your web site. You feel that it is eye-catching and informative, but how do you know if visitors feel the same way?

"Through the use of web analytics"

Web analytics can say a lot about your web site. It collects and measures data about the people who are coming to your web site and what they do while there. With this information, you can determine if your web site is doing in actuality what you wanted it to accomplish.

For larger companies, they may have the advantage of being well-known. But for a smaller business, every hit counts. And you need to know if you are making it count. This is why web analytics is so important you can figure out what works, what isn’t working, and from that, what needs to be improved.

Specifically, here are reasons why monitoring and analyzing web analytics is important for small businesses:
  • Analyzing your web statistics: By using web analytics, you can determine, in real-time, information such as the number of new customers who are visiting your web site, when they visit, the pages that they see, and how long they stay. With these details, you can structure your web site and its campaigns to keep your existing clients coming back for more while encouraging new clients to return.

  • Analyzing search engine and search terms for your site: Once you know when and how many clients visit your web site you then need to figure out how clients landed there. You can use web analytics to analyze the search engines that clients used and the search terms they entered so that you can concentrate on increasing your web traffic from the areas you discovered through web analytics.

  • Creating more traffic: How do you get your clients coming back again and again? Through the use of meaningful campaigns on your web site. And now that you know how to attract customers and what pages they visit, you can tailor your information accordingly.

  • Determining revenue generation: When looking at your web statistics, two numbers should jump out at you your visitors and the associated conversion ratio. These help you figure out how many visitors you need to make a sale, or at least, generate a solid lead. And these details will help your business to both project future sales and budget for the present.
Understanding this information is critical to the success of your web site, allow you to determine if your web site is working as intended, and tweak areas to encourage greater web traffic.

Understanding your web site’s statistics is the first step in figuring how to optimize its usage for better client relations and increased business.

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