Computer Support

Just like our cars we rely on our computers to just work. But also like our cars they on occasion let us down – and then we find out just how important they are in our lives.

Metadas has access to a range of essential computer support services to keep your computer working in tip top condition and if it does break down we can get it fixed.

Computer and Laptop Repairs

Email and we will get back to you with a range of options. In our experience your trusted desktop or laptop is seldom in need of more than a bit of TLC or physical repair.

Hardware and Software Installations

Sometimes you will need to replace a drive or install some new software. It can be easy and in many cases all will be well, but it’s possible to get so much more from your computer and software if it’s set up correctly. You will surprised just how bloated some software can be, and when set up to suit your specific requirements the performance and user experience can be significantly improved.

Virus Removal

Metadas has over a decade of dealing with viruses of all types. They can be very sophisticated and can hide in places you and your existing virus software just might not think to look. If you want the latest advice give Metadas a call and discuss your requirements.

Data Recovery

Disasters do happen and having your disc corrupt of just stop working can be at best irritating and at worst business critical. Metadas can carry out data recovery for highly sensitive data and have years of experience that in many cases have saved clients work that if lost would have caused them inconvenience and loss of business continuity.