eCommerce Solutions

With over 12% of all purchases in the UK being made online and over the next 7 years this figure predicted to more than double, the need for businesses in all markets to have an online purchase facility has never been more important

Metadas Media can help by providing a range of e commerce solutions that take into account the size of the proposed "store” and the type of product or service you are offering.

The Metadas CMS has an integrated e commerce facility built into the CMS so you can set up and maintain your e commerce site with the minimum of stress. You can upgrade and amend your online store as and when you require enabling you to capitalise on trends of changes in real-time.

If you require additional support in setting up your online store this is all available from the team at Metadas, as is 24/7 365 day support should you encounter a problem.


Critical to all online stores is the payment system. In addition to advising you on the best one to use Metadas can advise you on the most appropriate way to reduce friction on your site.

Friction is a term used that describes the prospective purchasers experience as they work through your site from their decision to purchase to completing the checkout process. If you get this wrong you can lose a very high percentage of possible sales – Metadas know exactly the best way to reduce "friction” and create a purchasing process that gives your new customers confidence in you and the security around using their debit or credit cards.

E-Commerce Set up and Support

This is a very important area that Metadas have considerable experience and technical expertise in concerning the setting up within your site the right type of "online store” and the right system to make it work well for you and customers.
And it’s not just about the set-up is also about you having the confidence in the support team so that if anything needs changing quickly you can be assured you are not left waiting for a call or worse waiting for a reply to an email.

To find out more ring us on +44 (0) 172 241 2678 or use our contact details below.