Dani Rouse Holland

Charles walked me through CMS this evening. Your CMS system is Awesome! This is easier than WordPress & GoDaddy`s WebsiteTonight -- supposedly a WYSIWIG system. The ease of being able to update my site is great -- this allows me to update it easily & quickly. I`m in the US with Charles are so being in the US but Das in the UK is also a big support. They have put me at ease about changing my site and they are so supportive. Metadas is the group to use for supporting your website! Hands Down!


Vernon Mills

I`d just like to thank you Darren Candler at Metadas Media for saving the data from my hard drive. After googling data retrieval services I was hit with an array of companies all offering the cheapest and best data retrieval services on the planet.

After some further research I found that one of the companies was based in Pall Mall London. Straight away you think credible company with an address like that. Further research found that the company was actually based in Wales and were using this address as a credible front. They even have you ship the hard drive off to London of which they then forward on to Wales.

From their web site you are made to believe you will be paying in and around the £97.00 mark for the recovery. I was hit with an astonishing £800.00 and told it was a complicated recovery. After informing them I did not want to pay that kind of money, they shipped my hard drive back to me at a cost of £25.00. It only cost me £3.00 recorded delivery to send it to them in the first place.

They also informed me that I would lose all the data they had recovered and place it back in its unbroken state. That to me does not sound right or even legal if you ask me.

I started googling data recovery Salisbury and found Metadas Media. (Darren Candler) I spoke with Darren over the phone and he calmly put me at ease that he maybe able to recover my data. Darren ran a software program on the disk and with a little bit of Metadas magic gained access to the hard drive.

My advice to anyone experiencing any of the above would be to check out this company first. Darren Candler the Managing Director, Internet Guru - programmer, is your all rounder when it comes to technology. There is nothing this guy don`t know much about when it comes building software programmes or web applications.


Deb Butler - Virtual London SL

Darren created our web site quickly, cost effectively and made it easy to add content. His CMS system is highly effective for delivering needed content.


Charlotte Mitchell - Floral Whispers

I have worked with many web developers over the years and Das is by far the most talented web developer I have worked with to date. He will always go above and beyond for his clients, and relishes a great project which will challenge him. His ideas and capabilities continue to floor me - is there nothing this guy can do!

His content management system is by far the most advanced and flexible system I have found and amazing value for money. I would highly recommend it. It allows you complete control over the content of your site and more importantly it is secure. The support service behind the system is also second to none.

He is a very talented developer and has been a trusted friend for many years


Pauline Rowson - Rowmark Ltd - Http://www.rowmark.co.uk

Metadas make the impossible possible, I have worked with Metadas for several years and have always found them to be innovative, efficient, friendly and extremely helpful.

They have developed a fantastic web site for me twice and on both occasions, have delivered a site that has incredible flexibility, is totally and fully updateable and has revolutionary new capabilities.

I can thoroughly recommend their creativity, technical expertise, and the fact that they NEVER say no to anything I require, even if it seems impossible they make it possible.


Peter Robinson - NSW - Australia

I was having issues with my internet connection, I went through the usual processes of checking my router and cable connection, did the basic drill that my telco would normally tell you to do and achieved nothing.

I phoned my internet provider, Telstra, went through the basics with them and was promptly advised that they would send a technician around in two days. I contacted Das and he walked me through a number of procedures using skype as the contact medium. It took about one hour to find the root cause of the problem.

That is damned good service given Das is in the UK and I am in Australia. As for the telco, I didn`t ring them back and cancel the technician, and they did not show up on the appointed day.

So if you want professional service then I would highly recommend Metadas as your first point of call.

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