A Way to Get Clients with Email Marketing

13th May 2013 by Darren Candler - Email Marketeer

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Email marketing involves sending promotional emails about your business, service or product to potential customers. Email marketing has become popular in the recent years and sure we expect to see more people opting for email marketing. If the email marketing campaign is done in a professional manner, then there is a lot to benefit from it.

Creating a customer mailing list

Companies must first begin by gathering a mailing list. In most cases start small by sending your product offers to already existing customers. In the emails urge them to forward the offers to their friends. From such simple method,  more customers will respond to your product offers.

Another way is the use of social media platforms or your official business website. Hire professional web designers to take care of the business website. Make it presentable so that customers can stay long enough on the site and get to know what business products you offer. Make it easy for clients to easily contact you through the website or any social media account. Once contacted, you get more emails to add to your mailing list.

Having a good customer relation makes the work easier. Satisfied customers will spread the news about the business and more customers will come to try out the products that you provide.

Reasons why marketers are opting for email marketing

  • Cheap and affordable
    By comparing the sum of money you will spend in using direct mail and TV advertising, email marketing is cheaper. Most marketers will want to make more sales but at the same time save the company some money for other projects.
  • Fast delivery
    Think of the time it takes for the direct mail to arrive at its destination. It takes days and a lot of money is wasted on postage. On the other hand, email marketing is instant delivery. Through such speed, the information is received in time, and any immediate actions can be acted upon.
  • Creates a viral effect
    Email marketing makes it easy to share the received information with friends by simply forwarding the email. This way your products can reach a wide range of people who might be potential buyers.
  • Easy to create email campaigns
    Traditional marketing involves a good deal of time to draft the content and also manpower to assemble the full marketing components. This is different for email marketing as it calls for a few people to create simple emails that will market the product. It takes as much as an hour to have well constructed email campaign that will win the hearts of many customers.


What will keep your customers stay subscribed to your newsletter

Your business reputation is extremely important. If you want to keep customers subscribed to your emails then make sure that you are consistent. Always use emails that are to the point about and what the customer should do.

People don’t have a lot of time to go through a lengthy email just to find out it was a product promotion. Keep it simple to make the client understand what the email is all about. Finally, send emails to clients at a specified frequency.

Not everyone wants their email inbox with promotional emails all the time. It might result in the client marking your emails as spam messages.

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