Technical Solutions

Metadas clients benefit by being able to access a range of website technical and development services that are rarely available from one service provider. This makes for fast solutions across a range of media and platforms from one team - A dedicated team that gets to know what you need now and what you may require in the future.

You can choose the level of support you require – it’s up to you there are no set packages.
All Metadas solutions are bespoke, you don’t have to compromise and the end result is robust and perfectly fit for purpose. See our testimonials

CMS – Content Management Systems

Content has always been important but increasingly the content of your website is the key differential as it competes for prominence on search engines. You have to be able to add and amend your content in real time not wait for someone else to make changes to the code on your behalf.

Metadas CMS has been developed over the past 15 years and has been adopted by prestigious institutes and organisations across the world. Metadas CMS responds to the needs of end users via a team of dedicated developers who ensure that the system is highly stable, easy to use, and sets very high standards. Find out more

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

There continues to be considerable smoke and mirrors surrounding SEO. Metadas prefers a different approach.
Firstly Metadas provides clients with a free SEO evaluation tool which gives you an instant starting point. Metadas can then create a range of plans so that you can optimise to a set of objectives and then using the right analytics see how you are progressing.

There are no quick fixes – SEO requires the right information, the right interpretation, the application of the right technical and creative solution, and in all cases patience.
Just doing a bit of blogging or other social media and tinkering with tags and links is not the Metadas way – because it will not work. For more information see this short Metadas article.


If you need to make sales from your site, you and your clients need to have confidence in your ecommerce application. It is critical that the friction from a decision to purchase to completing the checkout box, is kept to the absolute minimum.

It’s all about having the right integrated suite of applications and years of experience in facilitating thousands of online transactions across many different market sectors.
Metadas can provide you with a range of solutions for one or two products lines all the way to a large brochure site with multiple currencies.

If required comprehensive reporting and analytics can be set up to provide you with vital information on trends and stock levels.

Social Media

Social media is so much more than providing the odd Blog entry and hoping to be liked on Facebook. Social Media is an important part of any inbound marketing activity. Metadas can provide you with the knowledge and expertise to set up social media calendars, content advice and if required provide a range of technical and non-technical copywriters to provide original content.

Social Media management in conjunction with SEO are no longer luxury add-ons. If you don’t have the ability to create and manage the way your business or organisation is perceived then others will make their own minds up. See this Metadas working paper on the importance of social media.

Mobile Applications

Take a look at your phone and consider how you use it. Do you know how your customers use their phones, tablets and other mobile devices? Over the past 3 years and over the next decade, the growth in the use of mobile devices will grow at an alarming rate.
Do you have a plan? Metadas has been on the leading edge of this move to mobile and has a range of solutions that work across all platforms and are applicable for all types of businesses.

Web Coding and Accessibility

For many years, and in some cases even today, the quality of coding and website accessibility were regarded as unimportant. Metadas has been built and is known for coding excellence and has contributed to the development of initiatives that have set gold standards for accessibility.

Over the next few years website accessibility will have further importance as current and future legislation in the UK and other countries will require standards to be strictly adhered to – with the possibility of prosecution if non-compliance persists. Check out this important briefing on Accessibility