Web Design

Metadas Media works with a number on in-house and specialist web designers to offer you a range of options when it comes to designing your online presence. But we also recognise that many clients like to appreciate some of basic building blocks that go to making an online site work well. If you get all of these right you won’t be far wrong and whilst the following list is just a basic overview we feel they are a great place to start.

You can easily remember them just look at anything online, especially your own site and think C.R.A.P! – all credit to Robin Williams and his book The Non-Designer’s Design Book


If certain aspects or elements of your site are not the same, make sure you differentiate significantly. This will attract the attention and enhance the experience each visitor will have.  Entertain and tease the eye and the content will be better received and each visitor will spend more time working their way through and round your site


Repeat visual elements throughout each page and your entire site. Create a theme has elements within it that can be reproduced on every page.  Repetition helps develops confidence in your audience that you are solid and reliable. Repeating these common aspects is a fundamental part of building a strong online brand or persona.


Everything needs to look like it has been placed on the site with purpose and for a reason - and crucially each element needs to be in the right relationship with every other element.

Nothing should be placed haphazardly. Try not to fill space that comes available but let vacant spaces allow the eye to focus on all the other elements as they all work together.


It is very important to consider the space between each element. Too close and the visitor sees nothing, to far apart and the relationship between elements is lost or misinterpreted. Items related to each other should be grouped together so that the visitor feels they have all the information  they need.  

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