SEO Killers - Things not to do when Search Optimising Web Pages

3rd April 2013 by Darren Candler - Search Engine Optimiser

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The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rules change frequently, and it is often hard to keep abreast of all the changes. There are some rules relating to SEO that never change, and those are the things that kill all your hard work.

Duplicate Content

Google knows when you are using duplicate copy to manipulate search engine results. If Google determines your duplicate content is an attempt at spamming, you could find your website removed from search results.
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Poor Content Writing

There is no excuse for poor writing skills to be displayed on your website. If writing is not your area of expertise, ask a family member or friend to assist. If you are operating a business website, don't rely on anyone other than a professional writer to create your content.

Semi-Hidden Text

Google is smart and they know when you are spamming. Using a hex code for your 'secret' text that is a shade or two lighter than the background color is not going to fool them, but it can cost you a good place in the search results.

Stuffing Is For Turkeys

Do not stuff your website full of keywords. Using tiny font sizes or is not going to work for very long. Once it is discovered, your search results will suffer. Avoid stuffing keywords into ALT tags and Meta description.
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Don't Hide Links

Links that are hidden to the readers are obnoxious to Google. If you have more than one website and are using this technique to try to fool the search engine, you will be sorely disappointed. Google doesn't like it when you attempt to hide links in CSS, and they are always found. Avoid these tactics to avoid punishment from Google.

Do Not Abuse Rich Snippets

Misleading visitors to get them to visit your site is not the way to rank well with Google. The rich snippet that informs people of your website's content must be truthful. Be sure visitors get the content they are expecting or it will affect your search ranking.
Google structured data testing tool

Don't Sell Links

Selling links to enhance your page ranking is another violation of Google's rules. Any effort to manipulate ranking will result in a penalty. A visit to Google's webmaster tools will provide you with all the information you need to keep your site in line with their requirements.

There is no reason to manipulate your web site in ways that go against Google's requirements. Add valuable content to your website, take advantage of social media promotion, and be sure you have no technical issues. Follow these tips and Google will smile on your site.

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