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12th April 2013 by Das Candler - Search Engine Marketing

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It seems there are more SEO optimization methods than there are ice cream flavors. Which SEO methods really work? Are there any SEO tricks that will push a website to the top of Google rankings? How can you market your website to obtain high quality back links?

Using Social Media To Market Your Website

Many businesses think the use of social media to market their business is a waste of time. They are wrong. Businesses of all sizes can benefit immensely from specific marketing that utilizes social media. Use all your social media sites to enhance and promote each other, as well as your primary business website.

Free tools, such as HootSuite or Buffer enable you to schedule automatic posts to Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social media pages. Post valuable content that other sites will share with their social media followers. Adding quick and easy share buttons to your website makes it easy for your own visitors to share your website with friends and family.

What Are Black Hat And White Hat SEO Methods?

Black Hat is a highly aggressive method of SEO and certainly not the ethical path to choose. It is seldom concerned about the rules and favors keyword loading, invisible text, and any sneaky method Google frowns upon. Black Hat focuses on search engines and getting their attention. The goal for using this method is to make money fast and go on to the next project. This method may get fast results, but it has a short life span. It is not a practice you should follow with your website. This method is often referred to as 'spamdexing' or 'unethical SEO'. Using Black Hat SEO can cause a website to be banned from search engines.

White Hat SEO methods are focused on the live group of people that visit a website. This SEO method follows Google’s guidelines, and has a goal of present and long-term growth. Simply explained, an SEO optimized website that focuses on relevancy, valuable content, and organic ranking is a site using White Hat techniques. Exceptional content is very important, as are the use of long-tail keywords, keyword analysis, and link building. If you plan to make a long term investment in your website, White Hat SEO is the choice to make.

Marketing your site is easier when you take advantage of social media and use ethical White Hat SEO techniques. If you hire an SEO specialist, question the methods to be used to optimize your site. State clearly that Black Hat SEO will not be tolerated. Cheating may temporarily move your website up quickly, but the penalties when Google discovers it are devastating. Market your site with ethics and consistency, and you will achieve your ultimate goal.

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