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14th March 2013 by Das Candler

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Are you searching for manageable, cost-effective platforms to promote your business? Are you searching for a platform that will build brand loyalty, drive traffic to your site, and increase sells? The social media eruption is providing businesses with just such a platform. Through the use of networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, the opportunity to grow your business is increased exponentially.

Here, are 5 ways to take advantage of these and other social platforms to promote your business.

  1. Posting status updates.

    This one may sound obvious, but having platforms for your company that are not active is worse then not having them at all. By posting regular status updates, you stay on the customer’s mind. You can use these updates to share information about you and your company while building relationships and brand loyalty. Showing a more personal side of your company in this way increases your influence and the chances of customers recommending you to family and friends.

  2. Contests

    Holding contests on your social media profiles is a great way to attract attention to your company and interact with customers. You can use contests to deliver value to your customers, while promoting your brand. Tailor contests to your market without being overly pushy, and you will draw in those that may not have otherwise been reached. Offer prizes that attract a wide audience and watch your business grow.

  3. Free Ebook

    People love anything with the word free. By offering a free ebook on your website, Facebook page, or other social site, you attract attention. Offer an ebook that is informative and helpful. Providing value through an ebook will help customers see you as an authority and increase the likelihood that they will choose your services. The ebook doesn’t have to be overtly promotional but offer valuable information in your market of expertise. If you do not have time to write the ebook yourself, enlist the help of someone with experience.

  4. Pinterest

    People are only just now beginning to realize the power of Pinterest. In case you are not familiar, Pinterest is an online pin board that allows you to browse and share pictures from around the web. The beautiful thing for businesses is these pictures can direct someone back to your site. A great way to take advantage of this is to come up with a series of tips related to your market. Create a picture with your tip that directs the user back to your site. Linking back to a blog post that expands on the tip is also a way to share beneficial information about your services while engaging customers.

  5. Promote Sales, Discounts, or 1st Time Packages

    Last but not least, you can use social media platforms to offer special deals to customers that they cannot get anywhere else. Whether you choose to run weekly specials, first time customer rates, or unique service packages is completely up to you. By offering these special discounts, you will encourage more people to become fans of your page and check back often.

So there you have it: five things you can do now to engage customers and promote your business online. Business is about building relationships. By using social media as the main platform for your business, you will not only build relationships with current customers, but attract new customers, as well. Enjoy the benefits of happy socializing.

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