Choosing Your .com Keyword Domain Name

5th April 2013 by Darren Candler - Domain Registrations

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Now that you have established your keyword phrase, it's time to choose a perfect domain name. With countless internet marketers mining the web daily, many of the exact name .com keyword domain names are already in use, even long tailed ones. Not to despair, with a bit of creativity you can still craft a .com domain name that will work well for search engine optimization.

Keyword Rich Domain Names / Exact Match Domains

may not carry quite the SEO weight they once did, yet they are still quite important in getting your web page to the top of the SERPS. It's suggested by many SEO experts that when choosing your domain name you utilize a top level domain such as .com, .net, .org staying away from the country or vanity domains like,,, .me, .etc unless of course it represents a specific country you are targeting.
No doubt there has been way too much discussion, with little resolution, regarding how the .com, .net, or .org extensions hold up against each other, but few will disagree that the .com is preferred. For this discussion we'll focus on the .com domain name.

If the .com version of your exact keyword domain name is unavailable one option is to choose a closely related .com that has your entire keyword phrase within the domain name. For example if your keyword phrase is My Top Level Domain and the domain name is taken you may try something like:


Another method of creating a .com domain that has your entire keyword phrase within is through the use of hyphens. There has been some controversy as to whether hyphens detract from the SEO value of your domain name, if so it appears to minor and only the search engines know for sure. If you choose to use hyphens it's best to use as few as possible (preferably only one).

Here are examples:


Search engine companies are constantly refining their methods (algorithms) to insure a better user experience adding value to their advertising offerings. What works today doesn't always work tomorrow, however these tried and true method still appear to work well with the large search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

With a little ingenuity and creativity you will soon find that you can discover many unused .com domain names that will appropriately showcases your keyword phrase while helping your SEO efforts.

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