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23rd August 2013 by Das Candler - Social Media Marketing

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Here's the thing about the Internet and social media in general – it made people closer to companies. Cell phones may have brought people closer to each other, but the Internet has allowed people to feel like they're talking to entire companies directly. Look at Twitter and compare a Twitter page for a person and one for a company. They're virtually identical. A company's Twitter page can reply as if it were a singular entity, giving an unprecedented level of direct contact with their consumers.

Some people think that Twitter is just for people who have a lot of time on their hands – and on some level, that's exactly the kind of image you want for your company. You want to look like you always have a lot of time for your consumers, and Twitter is amazing tool for doing just that.

Twitter is not only an incredible social media marketing tool, but it also comes with methods of determining how relevant you are at the moment. Twitter's search engine gives you the power to find out just what is being said about your company and how much of it is being said. Comments, positive and negative, are literally at your fingertips. You can find out what made them unhappy or happy in record time. The fact that Twitter is limited to 160 characters makes people get straight to the point.

That also means it gives you the opportunity to open communications with your customers at incredible speed. Any negative comments can be answered. You can make your consumers feel heard at a whole new level. They'll always feel like someone is ready to listen as long as someone is properly manning your Twitter page.

It's not just a way to placate and encourage customers – it's a place where you can do some social media marketing. People who follow your Twitter page will see everything you post, so post some events and deals! Think about what's important to your consumers. Think about what they would be interested in reading about. Think about the things they want to know and be the one to let them know about it. Doing so will increase both the authoritativeness of your site and its exposure.

It is important to remember that you should keep all information informal and personal. People can see advertisements everywhere and advertising as if it were a television channel waste of Twitter's potential. Twitter lets your business talk to them as if it were a living entity, like a friend or acquaintance that gives you tips. Be personal. Be informal. Let a little heart seep into your Twitter entries and you'll get a much bigger response.

Twitter gives the power of conversation to your business. Conversation can create an emotional connection, one that would not be possible otherwise. Focus on offering value to your customers by talking chatting it up with them on Twitter and it will come back to your business in a big way. It is a casual social media marketing method that you cannot afford to pass up if you want your business to compete in an Internet driven world.

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